"It's nice to finally hear a voice that gives a realistic view of Japan, its culture, and crafts."

Dale Brotherton, Japan-trained carpenter

  Sukiya Living Magazine (JOJG)

Japanese Architecture

JOJG publishes regular articles about the subject of traditional Japanese architecture.   These articles are specific to the history of architecture in Japan as well as specific building styles and architectural practices found there.

The Japanese house is widely acclaimed for its delicate proportions, use of natural materials, lack of ostentation, and skillful integration of interior and exterior space.  When brought together, the traditional Japanese house and the traditional Japanese garden form what is known as "The Sukiya Living Environment."

JOJG publishes an article related to the Japanese house and/or traditional Japanese architecture in nearly every issue.  Some of those articles are presented here for your perusal:


HISTORY OF JAPANESE ARCHITECTURE   From primitive structures, to the classic Sukiya style, to today's urban dwellings, Japanese architecture has a rich history that is still evolving.

AN OVERVIEW OF JAPANESE ARCHITECTURE   This 6-page article offers a brief history of Japanese architecture.  Of key interest is the 200 year-long transition from the shoin style to the sukiya style that has been Japan's primary architectural style for the past 400 years.

THE TRADITIONAL JAPANESE HOUSE   Known for its delicate proportions and interior-exterior link, the Japanese house is a work of art you can live in.

JAPANESE HOUSE PLANS   Here are some specific plan layouts for Japanese houses.  The dimensions are listed in traditional Japanese carpentry terminology.