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Koi Breeding

It isn't easy to create high-quality Japanese koi.  For every koi fish that makes it to the dealer's tank, there are several thousand fry that are culled and discarded.  JOJG articles in this category discuss the process of raising baby koi into champion fish.

There are two different koi professionals who will play a role in bringing first-class koi to your backyard: the koi breeder and the koi dealer.  Koi breeders maintain parent stock in large mud ponds.  When the time is right, they bring male and female koi together to ensure vast numbers of fertilized eggs.  The eggs will produce tens of thousands of koi fry, but all but a handful will be removed via an intense culling process.

Koi dealers purchase wholesale fish from breeders and then market them to homeowners and koi enthusiasts.  It is likely that there is a competent koi dealer within an hour's drive of your home.  Koi dealers often have many display tanks where you can select the fish of your dreams.  Koi dealers are also on the front lines of koi education.  A good dealer will be happy to help you learn about the koi hobby.  They will assist you in making good decisions during the early stages of your koi experience.

Here are a few JOJG articles that are related to koi breeding:


BREEDING KOI   This article covers some of the basics such as how to tell the difference between male and female fish, and how the culling process takes place.

KOI FOR SALE   This 6-page article outlines what kind of facility and services you should expect from a top-notch koi dealer.  The article offers five key points to look for when evaluating koi stores.  The article includes a chart displaying the results of JOJG's recent Koi Dealer Rankings.