Sukiya Living Magazine

Koi Care

If you provide your pond and your fish with proper care, many koi health problems can be avoided.  These articles have been (or will soon be) published in Sukiya Living Magazine.  All concern koi care related topics such as koi food, koi nutrition, and overall koi health.


SECRETS OF KOI HEALTH   This article discusses often overlooked factors that influence fish health.  Included are topics related to water quality, fish density, and bottom drain layout.

NET LOSS   This article criticizes a common, but flawed, method of trying to protect koi from great blue heron.  Suspending fishing line or nets over your koi pond looks absolutely ugly and it won't stop the birds from eating the fish, either.  The article concludes by outlining four methods that will keep the birds away without ruining the aesthetics of your Japanese garden.

KOI PREDATORS   There are plenty of predators out there that want to harm your fish.  Read this article to learn how to protect your koi from them.

SEASONAL CARE FOR KOI   High quality fish and high quality koi ponds require intense amounts of attention at certain times of the year.  At other times they almost take care of themselves.  Understanding these seasonal patterns - and knowing what to do when - is a hallmark of a master koi keeper.

KOI FOOD   Think all koi food is created equal?  Think again.  Read this article to learn more about what to feed your koi.

KOI FEEDING HINTS   Koi owners who overfeed their koi can cause problems that can eventually kill your fish and ruin your beautiful pond and garden atmosphere.  Read this article to learn about various techniques for feeding koi.  Learn what works and what doesn't work.