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Waterfalls & Cascades

Nearly every Japanese garden features water.  Water-related patterns can be seen in koi ponds and winding garden streams.  In Japan there is also a "dry garden" style called kare-san-sui which expresses "simulated" water patterns through the use of rock and gravel.  All of these various Japanese garden scenes undoubtedly include a few waterfalls, cascades, or rapids.  Constructing convincing backyard waterfalls requires skill and a trained aesthetic eye, so it is understandable if homeowners and garden builders want to learn more about the geology that underlies water falls in the natural landscape.

SLM publishes periodic articles on subjects such as waterfall geology and the famous waterfalls seen in the natural world.  These articles are helpful to curious readers who have questions such as "How are waterfalls formed?" and "How are waterfall boulders positioned?"  If you want to create beautiful pond water falls, it makes sense to go up into the mountains and study natural waterfalls first.

Posted below are a few waterfall-related articles that SLM has published during recent years:


WATERFALLS IN NATURE   Anyone who wants to learn how to build a waterfall would enjoy reading this article about the real "waterfall designs" that are seen in the natural landscape.  This article examines geology and explains how scientific knowledge can help create more beautiful pond waterfalls in your backyard.

FOUNTAINHEAD TO OCEAN   This article discusses cascade geology and how patterns seen in the natural landscape can be employed in your backyard waterfalls and streams.  The article explores questions such as "How are waterfalls formed" and "How can I position garden stones to evoke the feeling of natural waterfalls?"

CATEGORIES OF WATERFALLS   Many geologists endorse a well-known system that can be used to place any waterfall into one of ten groups based on its size and flow characteristics.  This article examines the ten categories and gives examples of each.

JAPAN'S MOST FAMOUS WATERFALLS   Japan is a mountainous country where mountains plunge from fairly high altitudes directly down into the sea.  This sort of topography creates many interesting waterfalls, and some of them are famous.

HOW ARE WATERFALLS FORMED   This scientific article explores the geologic processes that create waterfalls.

WATERFALL BOULDERS AS THEY ARE SEEN IN NATURE   This article includes photos of waterfalls as they are seen in nature.  The article tries to examine how waterfall boulders happen to be positioned in natural formations.  The same patterns can then be employed when building backyard waterfalls.