"I want to lend encouragement to your work, and to tell you that I respect your approach of getting your hands dirty."

Len Brackett, Japan-trained carpenter

  Japanese Garden Journal

Shoji Screens

This 6-page article is about shoji screens, the sliding paper doors that are seen in traditional Japanese houses.  The article explains how shoji screens are constructed, how they are used, and how they are maintained.  It also explains how shoji screens are used as a partial interface between interior and exterior spaces.  Westerners sometimes like to use shoji screens as free-standing elements or in a manner similar to wall paintings.  In Japan, however, shoji screens are almost always used as sliding doors.  Shoji screens are NOT, by the way, suitable for use in exterior roles where they would be exposed to rain or snow.  In the Japanese house, shoji screens are used almost exclusively as interior doors that are usually positioned between a Japanese home's living room and engawa hallway.

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