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Different Types of Teas

This very informative article discusses the different types of teas in Japan.  Much, but not all, of the tea consumed in Japan is green tea.  This includes the everyday Japanese green tea known as sen-cha and the matcha tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony.  Sencha is the regular loose leaf green tea grown in Japan, while matcha is a type of green tea powder.  Japanese people also regularly drink Chinese tea, English tea, regular black tea, and a variety of herb teas.  They do NOT frequently consume beverages such as Arizona Green Tea, which they consider to be merely a type of tea-flavored lemonade.

The benefits of green tea are well-known and celebrated in Japan.  This includes many new green tea medical benefits that seem to be announced almost every week.  This outstanding JOJG article discusses ALL of these things: the different types of teas in Japan and what defines them; brewing green tea; and the many green tea benefits - all in one concise article.

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