Sukiya Living Magazine (JOJG) Issue #80

March/April 2011


COVER PHOTO: Lower Garden at Shisendo.

PUBLISHER'S ESSAY: Wanted: Expertise.  Public Japanese gardens could solve most of their financial problems by hiring executive directors who have direct hands-on experience with Japanese gardening.  Here's why.

VIEWPOINTS: "Katsura Good & Bad."  Here are a series of essays by Pavel & Romana Cihal, Palmer Koelb, Steve Beimel, and Tamao Goda.  Katsura is special, but it has some weakpoints, too.

LAYOUT & PLANNING: Sukiya Living or a Japanese Touch?  This article by Asher Browne examines a choice - How far do you want to go?  Do you want an authentic Japanese garden or do you want something else?

ARCHITECTURE: Osamari.  This article explains the technique of "whole house detailing," where all of the components and details work together to create a relaxed and beautiful environment.

CHANOYU: Old versus New.  There's a big difference between a functional object that has a beautiful patina of age and something else that is old and beat-up.

ADVANCED PRUNING: How to Spot a Pom-Pom.  Many trees with so-called "cloud-pruning" are tacky and unattractive.  Here's how to tell the difference quality pruning and poodle pruning.

BASIC PRUNING: Adjacent Pairs.  There are both good and bad aspects about having two similar trees or shrubs standing next to each other.  Here's how to deal with that situation properly.

POND CONSTRUCTION: The Izumi-dono Effect.  Buildings that extend out over the water are charming.  Read this article to learn more.

JAPANESE CARPENTRY: Scribe-fitting Square Posts to Round Purlins.  This article examines one of the most difficult aspects of Japanese joinery.

FUNDRAISING FOR PUBLIC JAPANESE GARDENS.  This article by Larry Rosensweig outlines the most important fundraising concerns for public Japanese gardens.

LETTERS, Q&A: Letters and Opinions. Wafu vs. Sukiya Architecture; Extra-large stepping stones; The Japanese shoe-removal routine; An angry reader reacts to an article from last month.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS: The latest news and events that you can attend.  Want to attend a pruning class that focuses on Japanese pruning techniques?  How about a workshop on Japanese carpentry or a lecture about Japanese interiors?  Check here for listings.

SUKIYA LIVING MARKETPLACE.  Japanese Garden specialists and other professionals.  Information about reaching gardeners, carpenters, stoneyards, merchants, and other sukiya living professionals.

TRAVEL TO JAPAN: JOJG's Kyoto Walking Tour.  Without question, JOJG's walking tour is the very best way to explore Japan's finest homes and gardens.  Travel to Japan and join us on this special journey!

BACK COVER: "Smoking Under the Cherry Blossoms," by Shun-man Kubo.