Japanese Garden Journal

Green Tea

The term "green tea" is used to describe a lot of different items.  In Japan, one type of green tea is consumed daily as part of regular meals.  Another type of green tea is used in the traditional tea ceremony.  Posted below are some examples of the types of green tea articles that JOJG publishes.  The articles discuss various aspects of green tea, green tea cultivation, and the benefits of drinking green tea.


WHAT IS GREEN TEA?   There are many types of tea.  What is the difference between Asian green tea and the tea consumed by Europeans for centuries.  This article is an introduction to tea, both in Japan and elsewhere.

GREEN TEA AND JAPANESE CULTURE   This article discusses the many links between tea and the Japanese way of life.  Of particular interest is the Japanese Tea Ceremony and its aesthetic qualities.  The Japanese tea ceremony influences many aspects of Japanese life including Japanese gardens.

GREEN TEA BENEFITS   This 4-page article discusses the health benefits of drinking Japanese green tea.  There are many reasons why green tea is one of the most popular and widespread beverages in the world.  In recent years the health benefits of green tea have received attention in the West, but most Japanese people drink tea for its taste and atmosphere.

GREEN TEA AND WEIGHT LOSS   Can green tea play a role in diet and weight loss?  This article examines this topic and attempts to separate fact from fiction.

GREEN CHAI TEA   The word "chai" means tea in several languages, but the term "green chai tea" is largely a creation of Western marketing firms.  This article talks about chai tea and how it is different from Japanese or Chinese green tea.

DIFFERENT TYPES OF TEAS   This very informative article discusses the different types of teas in Japan.  Much, but not all, of the tea consumed in Japan is green tea.  Japanese people also regularly drink Chinese tea, English tea, regular black tea, and a variety of herb teas.  This article describes how to tell the differences between them, including subtle differences between different types of green tea.